Game Designer Junior

Me, myself and I :


Hello, my name is Axel and as you can guess, I am fond of video games.

Since I was a child, I have been playing video games and I have always dreamed of being able to create them. I was lucky enough to be able to make it my life project, and that's why I'm currently studying Game Design. I have always wanted to make video games that allow the player to feel something and live an experience that allows him to escape from reality for a few moments.
Apart from all that, I really like sports and music. I played soccer for more than eight years and I played also American Football for six years. I played the piano for about 15 years.

What am I looking for :

I want to discover a lot of things in the video game industry, starting with the many facets of Game Design. I would like to be able to work and learn new things throughout my career in terms of Design and Management.
I would also like to become a project manager or game producer one day because these are professions that also attract me. I don't think I have the professional maturity and experience required at the moment and I prefer to focus on Game Design in the first place.

Cursus :

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To begin with, I graduated from high school with a A-Level in Computer and Engineering Science. I then followed the CITISE, an integrated preparatory class in Telecom Saint-Etienne engineering school. After those 2 years in this school, I obtained a DUT GEII that is an Electrical, Electronic and Computing Engineering Associate Degree. I also got a validation of the second year of a Bachelor Degree of Science in Physics in parallel.

Currently, I am studying for my final year Game Design in the Bellecour School, with the aim of obtaining a Bachelor's degree.

My skills :

Mainly used :

logo de la suite Adobe logo du langage C# logo de la suite Microsoft office logo de la suite Open office logo du logiciel Unity

I can use :

logo du langage C logo du langageC++ logo du langage CSS3 logo du langage HTML5 logo du langage Java logo du langage Lua logo du logiciel Maya logo du langage PHP logo du logiciel Sketchup logo du logiciel Source tree logo du logiciel Unreal Engine